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Aurora Theatre Academy

Preparing Students to Perform Like Professionals

Aurora Theatre, the only professional theatre in Gwinnett County, is the ideal place for young people to study the performing arts. What distinguishes Aurora Theatre Academy from other drama classes is that students have the opportunity to rehearse and perform in a professional theatre, and their instructors are working professionals with years of real-world theatrical experience. In addition to receiving training to be a winner on stage, students build confidence, communication and life skills that will be a valuable part of their bright futures. As a non-profit with a deep commitment to educational outreach, classes are reasonably priced at only $200 for a six- to eight-week session.

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Summer Camp 2018

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Why choose Aurora Theatre Academy?

  • Professional Instruction
    Our classes give students the opportunity to study with professionals. Aurora Theatre Academy uses working actors, directors and theatre practitioners from all over the United States.
  • State-of-the-Art Facility
    Our multiple stages showcase your child’s talent.
  • Positive Expression
    Our artistic environment promotes self-confident, cooperative, imaginative children.

Aurora Academy Camp Testimonials

“I’ve learned dancing, singing, and acting techniques that have made me a better actor. Also, I’ve made great friends from attending the Aurora!”
—Wyanda Garner, Student

“It was nice to get up each morning and seeing my new friends and learning great new acting games.”
—Daniel Forbes Jr, Student

“I had a great time learning to improve my acting and working with other people.”
—Alex Bertke, Student

“My teacher thought I was one of the loudest which is a good thing because in the play we performed in front of our parents, your voice has to be loud and have a lot of diction.”
—Sarah Legg, Student

“I feel confident now that when I audition for a play, or when performing a show, I will know what everything means and exactly what to do.”
—Caitlin Cavanaugh, Student

“It helped me to develop my acting, singing, and dancing better. Oh yeah I had a blast too.”
—Sam Casey, Student

“My first day I was very shy, but by the end of the camp, I was sassy for the song I’m Gonna Wash that Man Right out of My Hair.

“I would like to pursue my dream of becoming an actress someday, so coming to this camp was a great experience for me.”
—Delaney Burke, Student

“Jenna is a vibrant 8 year old who is a little shy at first… She comes home excited and can’t wait for her performance at the end of the week!”
—Liz Keyton, Parent

“I never thought I could memorize anything in just a few hours. I feel like an actor. I think this camp has helped me to come out of my shell.”
—Jeremiah Harvey, Student

“I gained a lot of new friends and confidence from this experience. It has helped me because I really didn’t like being in front of a lot of people; when I got my script, I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I did and it was awesome!”
—Bailey Fielder, Student