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The Owen Day Scholarship

About the scholarship

Aurora Academy lost a very special student this past Fall. Owen Day was such an incredible addition to our program, that we would like to honor his memory by awarding one child a semester with a scholarship in his name.  In order to apply for the scholarship for Winter Classes 2018 please download, fill out  and submit the application by January 9, 2018. The scholarship will be awarded based on financial need, as well as, the answer to the essay question.

About Owen

“From a young age, Owen Day loved to entertain others. He would dance, sing, create, and perform elaborate productions, complete with props and costumes. He was involved in chorus and starred in Mulberry Elementary’s Christmas musicals. Often seeing the humor in everyday life, Owen loved puns and parody, and he loved to make his friends and family laugh. Owen felt at home at the Aurora Theatre and enjoyed classes and summer sessions. He loved improv and appreciated teachers like India who were energetic and fun. He was excited to see India and some of his other teachers in the excellent production of Into the Woods, one of his favorite musicals. Owen’s 11 month battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia at age 12 kept him from taking any more classes. However, there is no doubt that he would have continued at Aurora, honing his skills and soaking up every bit of the theatre. He dreamed of one day living in California and making his way as an actor. While we are heartbroken that cancer cut Owen’s dreams short, we cannot think of a better way to keep his memory alive by providing a scholarship for another child who would also shine under the spotlight.”
–Malinda & Jonathan Day (Owen’s Parents)

“Owen was literally the light in my classes. There was always something so bright and angelic about him that you couldn’t ignore. He loved improv and acting and excelled at everything he did in class while being as humble as can be! Lover of Hamilton! Lol. Speaking of “lol” , my greatest memory is of us laughing together… his laugh was so contagious and funny.  He stood out as a leader in class… showing others that it is okay to join in and be brave. His captivating personality and love for acting helped other students to gain confidence to participate and bring out their true selves. That effect reached further than to the students… he is reason I love to teach. “
-India Tyree (Owen’s “Acting Edge” Instructor)