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5 Questions with Andrew Benator


An Interview with Women in Jeopardy! actor Andrew Benator
By Cory Phelps

CP: When I saw you walking around the theatre, I immediately recognized you from this summer’s hit series Stranger Things on Netflix. Tell us a little about your work on both stage and screen.

AB: I’ve been very fortunate to be active in Atlanta theater since moving here 11 years ago. I do much more theater than I do film and TV, but with all the on-camera work that’s in town I’ve had the opportunity to dabble. I’m in a movie coming out this December called The Founder which also features Katie Kneeland, one of my co-stars in Women In Jeopardy!

CP: Cool, welcome back. What are you most looking forward to about returning to Aurora Theatre?
AB: The audience. Aurora has the most consistently full houses of any theater in town!

CP: You have a reputation as a gifted comedic actor, so what’s the secret to playing comedy?
AB: Timing. (And funny faces.)

CP: In the play you portray two characters: Jackson Scull, a dentist, and Kirk Sponsüllar, police sergeant. How do you approach an acting challenge like this?
AB: It is a challenge, for sure, creating two different characterizations. Hopefully the playwright does a lot of the work for you by making them distinct. That’s the case here, I think.

CP: Why is a play like Women in Jeopardy! important?
AB: A couple of hours of laughter is always important! Invaluable, really.