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2016-2017 GGC Harvel Lab Series

The Harvel Lab Series is dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Lonnie Harvel, Vice President of Information Technology at Georgia Gwinnett College. An artistic visionary, Dr. Harvel helped establish a cultural partnership between Georgia Gwinnett College and Aurora Theatre. Through the generous support of this sponsor, the Harvel Lab Series features contemporary works fueled by innovation, creativity, and inspiration.

An unconventional convention, Singles in Agriculture, brings together lonely farmers looking for love… or the next best thing. When the Modern Family-obsessed, goat farmer Priscilla is slipped the key card to repressed dairy man Joel’s hotel room, an amorous encounter is expected. But like everything else on the farm, it’s hard to get the job done […]

Sweepers, Luna and Siri are the hitwomen of the multiverse armed with deadly broomsticks bound to sweep mistakes into oblivion. But when they fail to clean up Adam and Eve’s apple situation they find themselves on a cosmic journey through time. With DRAGON CON sensibilities this play is rife with the humor and adventure of […]

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of last season’s stirring SOTTO VOCE comes the story of three refugees with a lust for freedom. Paralyzed by oppression, Julio, Ines and Pepe finally embark on the harrowing journey across the sea from Havana to Miami. The play’s magical realism is accented by whip-fast dialogue stinging with vitality, stitched with the […]