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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Directed by Jaclyn Hofmann

GGC’s First Ever Student Production!

Dueling fairies, enchanted woods, a love triangle that turns hexagon all collide in this hilarious comedy! Threatened with death if she marries against her father’s wishes, Hermia elopes with her lover, Lysander, pursued by rival suitor Demetrius and his spurned admirer, Helena. In the enchanted woods, love’s lunacy reaches its giddiest heights—both for the bewildered couples and for an aspiring actor transformed into the unlikely consort of a fairy queen.

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All Performances are Sold Out

October 31–November 2, 2014

Friday, October 31 at 8:00pm Sold Out
Saturday, November 1 at 8:00pm Sold Out
Sunday, November 2 at 2:30pm Sold Out
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Sponsored by

Puck Nana Karriem
Oberon Jefferson Bell
Titania Myka Tahira Ricks
Lysander Brandon Smith
Demetrius Jeremy Graham
Hermia Tyler Hedley
Helena Heather Bentley
Egeus Randy Taylor
Theseus Brian Johnson
Hippolyta Kamille Pryce
Nick Bottom Ashton Murphy-Brown
Peter Quince Cole Hamilton
Francis Flute Timothy Wylie
Robin Starveling David Cabera
Tom Snout Aaron Harris
Snug Lorena Montoya
Philostrate Hunter Baldwin
Peaseblossom Victoria Thompson
Cobweb Keegan Robinson
Mote Theresa Williams
Mustardseed Migdalia Kinnibrew
Violet Brittany Vilchez
Production Staff
Director Jaclyn Hofmann
Producing Artistic Director Anthony P. Rodriguez
Associate Producer Ann-Carol Pence
Associate Artistic Director Justin Anderson
Set Designer & Construction Spencer Estes
Costume Designer Annie Hester
Sound Designer/Music Director Daniel Hilton
Props Designer Rachel Frawley
Lighting Designer Tara O’Neill
Fight Choreographer Drew Reeves
Stage Manager/Text Coach Timothy Whitson
Assistant Stage Manager Zelideth Rivera
Assistant Stage Manager Brittany Vilchez
Assistant Stage Manager Josh Watford
Assistant Director Casey Coyle
Costume Crew Asley Speares
Costume Crew Shanteria Smith
Lighting Crew Blake Gilmer
Lighting Crew (Colin) William O’Neal
Lighting Crew Macelo Clavarino
Marketing Crew Emily Fraser
Marketing Crew Joung Ah Seo
Props & Run Crew Matt Bullock
Props Crew Maira Karim
Run Crew Helen Rincon
Run Crew Rachel Bullard
Run Crew Rebekah Bullard
Set Build & Paint Andrea McMillan
Set Build & Paint Hannah Cooper
Set Build & Paint Lance Jacobi McNair
Set Crew Sarah Struck
Set Paint Shelby Miller
Set Paint Savannah White
Set Paint India Dillard
Sound Crew Lorena Sanchez-Rubio
Sound Crew Bryana Benson