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Appco Alumni Series 2017

The Aurora AppCo Alumni Series is an annual event hosted in our Studio space. The goal of the Series is to give a platform to past and present apprentices creating their own work featuring young artists. The Series provides experience, and a voice, to the future of theatre in Atlanta.

June 15-18 (1)


By Lucas Kavner
Directed by Katie Chambers

Fish Eye takes a slightly skewed look at four intertwining lives as we wade through their memories and examine what causes certain moments to crystallize in our minds, and how we look back when those moments have passed.

June 15–18, 2017

Invited Preview: June 15 @8pm
June 16 @ 8pm
June 17 @ 8pm
June 18 @ 2:30pm

Tickets: $10

 Edward McCreary
Casey Gardner
Dan Ford
Brooke Owens
Director Katie Chambers
Lighting Designer Lauren Robinson

June 22-25 (1)


By William Finn and James Lapine
Directed by Patrick Schweigert

A New Brain is a musical that follows the story of Gordon Schwinn, a struggling, frustrated songwriter who suffers from a rare brain disorder that causes him to hallucinate, amongst other things, a tyrannical singing, dancing frog.

June 22–25, 2017

Invited Preview: June 22 @8pm
June 23 @ 8pm
June 24 @ 8pm
June 25 @ 2:30pm

Tickets: $10

Gordon Michael Schwinn Daniel Hilton
Rhoda Rose Alexander
Mimi Schwinn Caty Bergmark
The Minister Robert Lee Hindsman
Roger Delli-Bovi Hayden Rowe
Lisa Jimmica Collins
Richard, The Nice Nurse Elliott Folds
Waitress/Nancy, The Thin Nurse Laura Spears
 Dr. Jafar Bereinsteiner  Ashley Prince
Mr. Bungee Tad Cameron
Male Swing Elliot Folds
Female Swing Abi Sneathen
Director Patrick Schweigert
 Musical Director Daniel Hilton
Choreographer Sean Nguyen Hilton
Stage Manager Sydney Lee
Asst. Music Director/Dramaturg Elliot Folds
Lighting Designer Ben Rawson
Costume Designer Nicole Clockel