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Do you want to know a little about our organization and how you can become a part? Established in 1996, we have over 4,500 season subscribers that support our programming and we are on a mission to do one thing: create new generations of theatregoers! As the only professional theatre in Gwinnett County, we quickly found that even the professionals can’t do it alone.


Join Aurora’s Volunteer Guild right away! It is your way to put your creativity to good use. By using a little elbow grease or being a good decorator, a good seamstress, a great organizer or a party planner, you can see the shows before anyone else, meet the actors, host fun events—The sky is the limit!!! The only catch is:

  • You must be FUN—hardworking with a smile
  • You must be WILD & CRAZY (not certifiable)
  • and You must be PASSIONATE about the arts

Your information will be passed onto our Volunteer Guild and we will put you to work!

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