Aurora Theatre presents

At Home Thrills Virtual Ghost Tour

Oct 31, 2021-Aug 31, 2022

Cost: $20

Gather round the fire or cozy up on the sofa for your own personal Ghost Stories Tour!

The timeless character Bobby Bubbly travels around historic Downtown Lawrenceville revealing the haunted and historic past hidden behind the restored building facades. 

  • Learn about the night that the dead walked down the main street of Lawrenceville
  • Hear about bizarre paranormal events that have happened recently in the businesses that line the square

Bring the thrills and chills of Lawrenceville GA Ghost Tour into your home or wherever you need a good ghost story time!

While Lawrenceville is the oldest city in Metro Atlanta, for many years it was a sleepy suburban Southern town. With the growth and development of the metro area, much of historic downtown Lawrenceville was renovated at the turn of the century. These renovations awakened the sleeping ghosts, and sparked increased reports of paranormal activity, thus setting the stage for Lawrenceville, GA Ghost Tours. 

Whether it’s tales based on local legends, handed down over the decades, or recent paranormal investigations, our professional storytellers will regale you with stories that will send a chill down your spine. Come find out, if you dare, why Lawrenceville has the most popular ghost tour in Metro Atlanta.

Bobby Bubbly

Evan Phillips

A high-flying jazzy spirit who will do anything to sing, dance and entertain,  He’s the younger half of the duo known as the Bubbly Brothers Boys. 1920s — vaudeville performer