Aurora Theatre Academy presents

May the Fourth Jedi Workshop

May 04, 2020

Fun you will have.
Stage combat you will learn.

Monday, May 4th
Cost: $35
Exclusively for Grades 6-8!

Featuring Star Wars-themed theatre games and the Jedi code, a mind trick (memorization technique). 

A galaxy of fun for a pew-pewny price!

Jacob McKee completed his Padawan training at the Aurora Theatre as part of their 2015-2016 acting apprentice company, and since has taught younglings around the Atlanta area, at both the Aurora and Atlanta Shakespeare Company Jedi Temples. You may also remember his travels through space and time in the Aurora’s world premiere of Tim Tesla and the Terrific Time Machine. Some fun facts about Jacob: he saw The Force Awakens in theatres seven times, his favorite Star Wars character is Princess Leia, and his favorite Star Wars movie is The Last Jedi. He would like to thank the many Bothans that died to bring you this workshop

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