Teatro Aurora Welcomes

Pasion y Paella

May 18, 2019-May 18, 2019

Teatro Aurora welcomes the return of Caló Gitano Dance Company and Arturo’s Paella in a cultural feast for the senses. Witness the fabulous artistry of our friends from Caló Gitano as they deliver a night of live music and flamenco dance. Before the show gets underway enjoy the authentic taste of Spain as Arturo’s Paella serves up mouth-watering, tasting portions of this iconic cuisine. This truly original event combines culinary and performing arts in a fantastic unique experience.

May 18, 2019
Saturday at 8PM
Tickets: $15 in Advance |  $20 at the door

Paella Add-On
Tickets: $8 | $12 at the door

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Caló Dance Company is a professional dance company that performs throughout Georgia and the Southeast. We offer flamenco presentations (in English or Spanish) for parties, restaurants, weddings, and private or other special events. And we specialize in live, interactive, and energetic flamenco presentations for audiences of all ages.

Our company has grown to include musicians and other artists, and through this growth we have even started our own professional theatre company! Caló Theatre Company specializes in full lengh flamenco theatrical musicals. We mix flamenco and theatre together to create original productions that are unlike anything else in Atlanta!

Marianela “Malita” Belloso was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and has been dancing flamenco for practically her entire life. She started dancing flamenco when she was only six years old, and by the time she was nine she was already performing on television and in major flamenco stage productions with Siudy Quintero Dance Academy – the largest flamenco dance academy in Venezuela.

Along with her extensive flamenco training, Malita has also studied tap dancing for nine years, and she performed with Salsatlanta, a professional salsa dancing troupe, for five years. Malita brought her dancing skills to Atlanta in 2000, where she formed the flamenco performance company Caló Gitano.

Since that time, Malita’s flamenco company has grown to become the largest flamenco academy in Georgia, and, in 2010 she built on this growth by purchasing her own dance studio dedicated to fitness and the art of flamenco — Caló Dance Studio. Through Caló Dance Studio, Malita has trained a group of advanced flamenco dancers and formed partnerships with other artists and musicians to create her own theatre company — Caló Theatre Company — which is a group dedicated to creating large scale, theatrical, and original flamenco musical productions that are unlike anything else that can be seen in Atlanta.

Malita has also continued her growth as a professional dancer by studying with renowned professional flamenco dancers such as Daniela Tugues, and by returning to Spain every year to study with flamenco masters Miguel Vargas, Lydia Cabello, and others. Through her tireless efforts to grow as an artist and to expand the art of flamenco to as many people as possible, Malita has become well known for her energetic personality and her fun, passionate, authentic, and skillful performances that transport audiences straight into the cultural heart of Spain.

Malita’s ability to mesmerize audiences comes not only from her inherent “duende,” but also from her acquired knowledge of flamenco and her ability as an educator to convey that knowledge and the beauty of the dance to others. Besides being a highly trained dancer, Malita is also a certified school teacher with a Master’s Degree in Spanish Culture and History. Malita obtained her Master’s Degree in Salamanca, Spain, in 2005, where she continued to dance flamenco even while she was earning her degree. With her skills as a dancer, knowledge of flamenco and its cultural roots, and experience as a professional educator, Malita brings the same passion, fun, authenticity, and dedication to her flamenco classes that she brings to her flamenco performances.

Maria Carolina “Cara” Belloso Born in Caracas,Venezuela, Cara has been a dancer for most of her life. She started her training with the Siudy Quintero Flamenco Dance Academy at the age of 5, becoming a tap dancer and professional flamenco dancer by the time she moved to the United States in 1994. Since then, she has become a flamenco instructor, teaching students alongside her sister, Malita. She is also the Director of the Alpharetta branch of Caló Gitano, where she teaches kids and adults of all ages. In 2012 she was cast as one of the dancers with the Atlanta Opera’s production of “Carmen,” during which she also played the role of “Manuelita”. 

She is intensely passionate about choreographing for Caló Theater Company, where she can utilize her creativity as a graphic designer and apply it to her dancing. She is also extremely proud of Malita and Caló Gitano, and is excited to share her amazing experiences in Caló Gitano with the the city she loves, her students, friends, and above all, her family.