Aurora Theatre presents

Self-Guided Virtual Ghost Tours

Oct 31, 2021-Aug 31, 2022


includes walking directions and digital map
Cost: $20

Come take a 90-minute scary stroll around the beautiful historic courthouse square and by storefronts restored to their turn-of-the-century charm.

  • Learn about the night that the dead walked down the main street of Lawrenceville
  • Hear about bizarre paranormal events that have happened recently in the businesses that line the square

Are you brave enough to tour some of Lawrenceville’s most interesting places and the stories behind its most bizarre events with only your phone as a guide?

While Lawrenceville is the oldest city in Metro Atlanta, for many years it was a sleepy suburban Southern town. With the growth and development of the metro area, much of historic downtown Lawrenceville was renovated at the turn of the century. These renovations awakened the sleeping ghosts, and sparked increased reports of paranormal activity, thus setting the stage for Lawrenceville, GA Ghost Tours. 

Whether it’s tales based on local legends, handed down over the decades, or recent paranormal investigations, our professional storytellers will regale you with stories that will send a chill down your spine. Come find out, if you dare, why Lawrenceville has the most popular ghost tour in Metro Atlanta.

Eli “Eagle Eye” Loveless


A sharpshooter when it comes to huntin’ but where the ladies are concerned?  Well, he’s still a-lookin’.

1820’s mountain man

Sylvia Spendmoore
(of the Atlanta Spendmoores)


Would much rather tell ghost stories than attend to her studies. Luckily, her mama’s been Sylvia’s constant companion ever since Mama, well…died. 

1880’s spoiled ingénue 

Bobby Bubbly


A high-flying jazzy spirit who will do anything to sing, dance and entertain,  He’s the younger half of the duo known as the Bubbly Brothers Boys.

1920’s vaudeville performer

Mme. Fortuna Papanikogiatopoulus


Madame Fortuna Papanikogiatopoulos is Lawrenceville’s wacky resident fortune teller and psychic. She’s got a great sense of humor and loves to talk about “the ghostlies,” as she calls the spirits of this world. If you’re looking for a spooky, silly tour (complete with DEAD-ly puns), Madame Fortuna is the guide for you!

1940’s exotic fortune teller


Penny Prospect


This gold-mining gal was looking to strike it rich in Dahlonega when she and her trusty horse Nugget took a wrong turn and ended up in Lawrenceville.  Penny may not find a lot of gold here but she’s found a treasure trove of ghosts.

1830’s prospector











Tours begin and end at Aurora Theatre,
128 East Pike Street, Lawrenceville, GA 30046