Aurora Comedy Nights Present

ACN: Church Mice

Oct 08, 2021-Oct 09, 2021

Conceived and Directed by Will Amato and Abigail Williams
Head Writer George N Koulouris

Church Mice is a musical sketch comedy show conceived under a peach tree in Atlanta by a bunch of local comedians during the pandemic. This show is not an indictment on religion. We already know that the stories in the bible can be interpreted six ways to Sunday. But to Love thy neighbor as thyself is a virtue fit a better world. And when folks gather on Sunday to hear the gospel, things get super weird.

Featuring laugh out loud sketch comedy, live music, singing, dancing, and a host of crazy characters, Church Mice is filled with side splitting laughter performed by a diverse cast of Atlanta’s funniest musical comedians. Enjoy song parodies during the annual Christian talent show, Youth Pastor Chad’s desperate attempts to boost attendance, and watch reverend James get into a fight with a snake.

Written by Sarah Mckee, Evan Conaway, Brandon Stringfield, Abigail Williams, George N Koulouris, and Will Amato

OCT. 8 & 9 at  8PM
in the Lawrenceville Arts Center Courtyard

TICKETS from $14

Tickets are available in 3 sections.
VIP Tents: $192, includes 6 chairs and a table.
Premium Seating: $22
Standard Seating: $14


  • Outdoor Event (Restrooms, food and beverage service will be available inside the facility).
  • If you are not fully vaccinated, we encourage you to wear a mask. Aurora staff and volunteers will be masked regardless of vaccination status.
  • Anyone exhibiting any signs of a coronavirus, including but not limited to cough, fatigue, headache, excessive sneezing or elevated temperature, are asked to stay home.
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available.
  • We are all in this together – we encourage wearing masks when moving about and not eating or drinking.

We believe that maintaining the health and safety of our community, including our staff, artists and patrons, shouldn’t be a matter of debate or political preference. To that end, we ask everyone in our community to respect these policies.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and patience.

The Situation is fluid. Please check back for updates.



Will Amato is a comedy writer, director, and producer in Atlanta, GA. He is the author of 3 1/2 hour comedic pilots, a sad screenplay, a novel, 15 original plays for children, a bunch of silly short films, and a whole bunch of live sketch comedy shows in New York City and Atlanta. Will is currently obtaining a Masters Degree in the professional writing program from Kennesaw State University and working as a film and TV development assistant with Point South Productions.







Abigail Susan Williams is an Atlanta based actor, comedian, writer and singer. From party bands to musical theatre, performing sketch comedy and writing musical parodies, film acting and voice over work, Abigail loves all things performance and story telling. Recently, Abigail has worked on a commercial for ESPN, acted in several comedy shorts, and has been writing her own tv pilot. You can tune in each Sunday to the comedy podcast she co-hosts, The Funniest People I Know, wherever you get your podcasts!




Grace Ann is a recent graduate of the BFA acting program at the University of Connecticut. Some of their recent credits include Frank Goodman (Men on Boats) and Rosa Bud (The Mystery of Edwin Drood) at the Connecticut Repertory Theatre. GraceAnn is absolutely zoinked to join Draft Horse Productions for some good, live, musical funnies!







Max Kantor is a comedy performer and writer from Atlanta. He has studied with The Second City and loves to write sketches and do improv. Max is also 1/2 of the comedy duo Max & Kai (find us on YouTube!). His favorite food is the sandwich but never with mayo (it’s the Devil’s condiment).




Kimberly Hamilton is an award winning actor, writer and producer, represented by KSA Talent. Kimberly has been performing in stage and film productions her entire life. She joined Mighty Shorts comedy collective in February 2020 and is thrilled to perform with Church Mice this year. Kimberly dedicates most of her time to performing arts, but when she is not creating art, she devotes her time to teaching yoga at various performing arts studios, corporations, and childcare centers as well as personally coaching clients in holistic health.







James Brooks is a professional actor with 10 years in the biz. He’s writes horror films, streams on twitch, and is an excellent cook.




Born In Haiti, Raised in Boston Nythania is determined to make a name for herself in not only the music world but also the acting world. Her music journey started at church from the ages of 6, 7 years old. She was known as the church’s favorite singer. At the age of 15, she got a paid internship at the New England Wang Theater where she got to do her first musical. Through the internship, Nythania landed her very first professional gig where she played a young lady who had recently lost a brother through gun violence. Performing was something that gave her hope, made her feel welcome. She’d say it was something about being in group full of individuals where there was no judgement allowed. Something about being on stage and being heard rather than being made fun of for being different. In 2013, Nythania met a producer who had soon become her manager. Working with him gave her the opportunity to work and meet with some very talented people. Through that manager, she met a grammy nominated producer/ engineer whom she currently works with. She also met a radio station owner who she later became a host for. Deciding to go on her own, Nythania is now working on her new music where she has complete creative control. She wants to give her listeners a feel of who she really is, something she didn’t feel she could do before. Her goal is to create an income doing what she love even if it means creating her own path. It is also to tell the stories that have yet to be told.







Sara is a mom, public health professional and Atlanta-based comedienne. She is currently an improviser at the Village Theatre where she teaches, produces and directs shows like the Improvised Vagina Monologues. In addition to improvising around town, Sara is one half of the sketch comedy duo Salty Bees that produces feminist video and live stage comedy. Sara spends most of her time having a blast with her new baby Nolan, her husband Yann and bassador Wiggins. She is super excited to be a part of this amazing team of talented people!



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