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Savings you can clearly see: Only Half the Fees on all orders before Valentine’s Day!

  • Subscribe NOW to avoid those pesky fees and to lock in your seats early!
  • Deal runs until Valentine’s Day, February 14.
  • Aurora’s 25th Anniversary Season will include:
    • Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella
    • Christmas Canteen 2020
    • Ken Ludwig’s hilarious The Gods of Comedy
  • We have to keep the rest of our 6-show season under wraps but we promise Season 25 will be a wonder to behold!

What is a Half-Blind Subscription?

When you partake in our Half-Blind Subscription you save money and lock in your seats for the upcoming season before anyone else. Your Season Ticket includes 6 amazing shows… we just can’t tell you exactly what they are yet. The blind purchase is a gesture of faith, letting us know that you believe in us and you’re going to be part of Aurora next season, no matter what the shows are. This year, in honor of our 25th Anniversary Season, Anthony has allowed us to offer you a half-blind subscription, where you get to know half of the shows right now!




We are so glad you have chosen to subscribe. We’ve created this Subscriber Portal to help you understand how your subscription works. This portal is an incredible resource containing information about our Missed Performance Policy, late arrivals, Box Office Hours, Subscriber Weeks, and the answers to all our most frequently asked questions. Please bookmark it to keep it as a handy reference throughout the season.


From musicals to plays, comedies to dramas and more, season planning is an ongoing and often-shifting puzzle. As we plan the season we strive to strike a balance between passion, humanity, and audience interest. When we select a story to produce, we do so in a way that honors the integrity of what the writer has written. We don’t add or subtract language or content, as that alters both copyright and the intent of the writer. We showcase a range of circumstances and characters from multiple walks of life, creating
connection points for our audience to see themselves or find empathy for someone who is different. We truly have something for everyone: you’ll laugh your butts off, cry your eyes out, love your families silly, find true love, change the world, and overcome adversity. We can’t wait to see you at the theatre!


As a subscriber, you get exclusive access to exchange your dates, book your Guest Passes, and buy additional tickets for any show in the season BEFORE they go on sale to the General Public. Just one more perk that you’ll only find at Aurora!

Subscriber Week for the first half of the season (Children of Eden, The Roommate and Christmas Canteen 2019) is May 27–June 2.

Subscriber Week for the second half of the season (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, On Your Feet!, and Erma Bombeck: At Wit’s End) is October 21–October 31.


NEW this year, we’ve created Season Ticket Member ID Cards. While in previous years you may have had trouble keeping track of all the Discount Guess Passes, Xchange Coupons, and Switch Passes, this year, we’ve simplified everything so you get a single Season Ticket Member ID Card for each seat. Instead of multiple passes, this one wallet-sized punch card holds all your perks. Make sure to bring it with you each time you attend, as occasionally there will be pop-up perks, as well.



Each Subscription includes 2 Discount
Guest Passes, which allow you to bring
a guest with you to any performance this
season for just $14 ($16.84 with tax).

These are a few guidelines:

1. Guest Passes cannot be used for
Christmas Canteen.

2. We do require that you accompany your guest in order to use the pass — they’re not just extra tickets to see a show again. It’s to bring a friend with you for one of your shows.

3. Reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance.

4. Only you can book your Guest Tickets—your friends cannot call to book them for you.

Ways to book your Guest Passes:

1. Call the Box Office at 678.226.6222, ext. 1

2. Email

3. If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by the Box Office


Each Season Ticket comes with 2 FREE Exchanges. Only Season Ticket Holders have the privilege of being able to exchange their performance date.


  • While we will make every effort to seat you as close to your original seats as possible, exchanges and seating are subject to availability.
  • We must have at least 24 hours notice to accommodate exchanges. If it is less than 24 hours or if you have already missed your show, please see the tab about Missed Performances.
  • After you’ve used your 2 free exchanges, we can still exchange your ticket, but fees apply.
  • Only you can exchange your tickets. Your friends can not exchange your tickets. Even if you always come together, we’ll still need you to call/email for yourself.


  • Before you call/email us, pick out an alternate date or two that you are available.
  • Once your exchange is complete, rip up your old tickets to eliminate confusion and seating conflicts.

Want to exchange your tickets, but don’t yet know when you’re available to come? The best thing you can do is to call or email the Box Office prior to your original performance date. We’ll release your tickets and then you just contact us when you have chosen a date.

Ticket Exchange Request



We understand not every show is for every person, which is why we include one switch pass with each season ticket. If there’s something in our Mainstage Signature Series that does not interest you, we’re happy to allow you to switch your tickets to something in our Studio.

How to make switches easier:

  • Before you call/email us, pick out an alternate date or two that you are available
  • Once your switch is complete, rip up your old tickets to eliminate confusion
  • Switches must occur at least 24 hours before your performance. If there are less than 24 hours until your show or you have already missed your show, see the tab Missed Performances.
  • Only you can switch your tickets. Your friends can not switch your tickets. Even if you always come together, we’ll still need you to call/email for yourself.

Want to switch your tickets, but don’t yet know when you’re available to come? The best thing you can do is call or email the Box Office prior to your original performance date. We’ll release your tickets and then you can contact us when you have chosen a date and we’ll complete the switch.

Ticket Switch Request



In the event that you do not exchange your tickets 24 hours prior to a scheduled performance so that the seats can be listed for resale, and you  actually miss your performance, you can still see the show. Simply bring your tickets to the Box Office no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the performance you would like to attend and you will be seated in the best available seat for that show. Seats are subject to availability and you must attend the same title as the performance missed. Please do not try to make a reservation for future performance if you have already missed a show. Just bring your tickets to the Box Office for the new date you want to attend and you will be given the best available seats.


Will Call begins 90 minutes before your performance. This is when tickets are available for pick-up.

The doors to the theatre open 30 minutes before the performance. This is always our goal. Sometimes we need a few extra minutes to prepare the space. We will open the doors as soon as the actors and crew are ready to go, and once the doors are open, we welcome you to take your seat.

Late arrivals will be seated at the House Manager’s discretion in easily accessible seats. If this applies to you, you can move to your assigned seats at intermission.


Ticket sales alone only cover 50% of our operating budget and sponsors only provide about 15%, so we rely heavily on individual donations. We encourage you to become a Star Pass Member by making a minimum contribution of $70 Aurora Theatre. As the only professional theatre in Gwinnett County, your donation is tax deductible. Many companies provide matching gifts, so your gift may be doubled or even tripled! Your human resources department can let you know if your company participates.

Star Pass Donations are used for season operating expenses which pay for actor salaries, directors and designers, royalties, sets, costumes, and lights making each production unforgettable. It’s never too late to become a Star Pass member!