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Behind the Melody with Coreyah

Apr 30, 2024

Behind the Melody: An Open Rehearsal and Q&A with Coreyah

Korean music, especially K-pop, is an international sensation frequently topping the Billboard charts and drawing huge audiences globally. It is the distinct blend of dance, rock, hip-hop, and R&B that have K-pop’s infectious melodies have igniting audiences worldwide and right here at home. Yet, Korean pop music is so much more than what’s commonly heard. With this open rehearsal, everyone can experience Coreyah, whose music seamlessly blends contemporary pop elements with the rich traditions of Korea. Lean more about how this band and their music provide an innovative take on the genre.


비하인드 멜로디: 고래야 공연 오픈리허설  질의응답시간

4 30, 5-6

한국음악, 특히 K-Pop은 빌보드차트 1위를 자주 차지하고  세계적으로 수많은 관객을 끌어들이는 글로벌한 센세이션입니다. 케이팝의 중독성있는 멜로디와 댄스, 록, 힙합, R&B  음악과의 융합으로  세계적으로 관객을 열광시키고 있습니다. 하지만 한국 대중음악은 일반적으로 듣는것보다 훨씬  다양합니다. 이번 공개리허설을 통해 모두가 한국의 풍부한 전통과 현대  요소를 완벽하게 혼합한 음악을 선보이는 ‘고래야’를 경험할  있습니다.  밴드와 그들의 음악이 어떻게  장르에 혁신을 가져왔는지 직접 확인하세요.

Kim Dongkun (daegeum, sogeum, tungso)
Ham Boyoung (vocal)
Jeong Jun Kyu (percussion, Chulhyungeum)
Kyungyi (percussion)
Kim Yerim (geomungo)
Ko Jaehyeon (guitar)

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April 30, 2024 from 5PM- 6PM
Clyde & Sandra Strickland Grand Stage

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