Aurora Theatre Presents

Brews and Boos

Sep 28, 2019-Oct 29, 2019

A decidedly more wicked and wild take on the haunted history walks. Enjoy tall tales with no holds barred and bawdy songs performed in some of the finest establishments in Lawrenceville, accompanied by a frosty cold libation. This all-inclusive experience includes entertainment and drinks at Exhibit A(le), Universal Joint, and McCray’s Tavern on the Square. This tour is for ages 21+ only.

Tours begin at the Aurora Theatre and end at a nearby pub.

At Exhibit A(le) guests will be treated to two beer tastings from craft breweries around the country. At Universal Joint guests will be served a Blue Point Toasted Lager, and at McCray’s Tavern on the Square, guests will be served an exclusive specialty drink called The Howlin’ Curtis.

Your Storytellers & Host

Delvina D’Light

Cynthia Rintye

Singer of songs, teller of tales, and slinger of drinks, Delvina D’Light, the town’s madame, makes sure everybody has a good time. 1830— madame, bar wench.


Dorothy Daily

Eliana Marianes

Call me Dot, because I hit the spot! I’m a New York gal who came South because I heard “y’all” know how to party! If you’re looking for a good time with a hotsy-totsy gal, or wanna get to know the best speakeasies in town, I’m your girl. 1920s – flapper.


Q: How long is the tour?

A: Between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

Q: What happens on the tour?

A: The guide will lead you to three different venues on the downtown square.  At each, you will be served a drink and the guide will entertain you with scary stories and songs.

Q: What venues and what drinks?

A: At Exhibit A(le) guests will be treated to a two beer tastings. At McCray’s Tavern on the Square, guests will be served an exclusive speciality drink called The Howlin’ Curtis. At Universal Joint, guests will be served Blue Point Toasted Lager.

Q: Where does the tour end?

A: The order of venues changes.  On some nights, the tour will end at McCray’s. On other nights, the tour will end at Universal Joint. Both venues are on the square and an easy five-minute walk back to the parking deck behind the Aurora.

Q: What kind of language should be expect?

A: All sorts of swearing (the kind you would hear in an R-rated movie) plus graphic descriptions of murders and rotting corpses and other ghastly things.  If you take exception to “the F-word”, please sign up for the Ghost Tour or the Haunted Cemetery Tour instead.  

Q: How much walking is on the tour?

A: About 10 minutes during the tour and about 5 minutes to get back to your car if you parked at the parking deck behind the Aurora.  

Q: What happens at the end of the tour?

A: We encourage you to stay at the last venue, order some food, and enjoy Lawrenceville.  Your guide will be sure to point how to get back to the parking deck. Remember, drive sober or get pulled over.

Q: Do I get to choose what I drink?

A: No, all guests will be served the same drink.

Q: Do I have to drink?

A: No. But the ticket price is the same whether you drink or not.

Q: Can I get non-alcoholic drinks?

A: If you wish to drink no alcohol all night, call the Box Office directly and request either water or  iced tea. We will try to coordinate your request with our last two venues, but the first venue is not set up to serve anything but beer. If you are drinking alcohol and one or two are your limit, just don’t take the last drink from your guide.   

Q: What about tipping?

A: Tipping is never expected, but if you have received excellent service from your guide, we hope you will express your appreciation with a tip, especially since they are not only your storyteller, but your server as well.

Q: Will you check IDs?

A: Yes. When you check in before the tour, the Box Office will check everyone’s IDs, so make sure you bring them.

Q: Are there any exceptions to the age requirement?

A: No. You MUST be 21 to take this tour.  

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Your sober self. Because we are serving three alcoholic drinks, if you are visibly intoxicated when you check in for the tour, the Aurora reserves the right to refuse your entrance to the tour.  

Q: What makes this tour different?

A: The stories are bloody and bawdy and there is also music with guides singing a couple of murder ballads during the evening. And unlike the other tours, this is a party. Expect the evening to get louder, more vulgar, and gorier as the night goes on.  

Q: Is this tour wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes

Q: Is smoking allowed on the tour?

A: No.

Q: Can I take photographs?

A: Absolutely. Please post them onto social media with the hashtag #LvilleBrewsAndBoos

Q: Will you tell the same stories on Brews & Boos as you tell on the Ghost Tour or the Haunted Cemetery Tour?

A: No, this will be completely different material.

Q:Who is leading the tours?

A: Two of our most experienced tour guides will be leading Brews & Boos. Andrew Puckett will lead the tour in character as Nick Bouchard and director Cynthia Rintye has created a new character for Brews & Boos, Delvina D’Light, the town madame.  For photos and more info, please go to our guide page. 

Q: Does each guide give the same tour?

A: No, unlike the other two tours, each Brews & Boos guide does a completely different set of stories and songs.  If you wish to take the tour more than once, contact the Box Office and they will know which guide will lead the tour on which nights.  

Tickets: $40

Saturday 9/28 at 9pm
Saturday 10/5 at 9pm
Saturday 10/12 at 9pm
Saturday 10/19 at 9pm
Tuesday 10/22 at 8:30pm
Friday 10/25 at 9pm
Tuesday 10/29 at 8:30pm


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Tours begin at Aurora Theatre and end at a nearby pub.