On Your Feet!

Back in mid-March we had a plan. We were going to return triumphantly from Covid 19 by resuming ON YOUR FEET! The Story of Emilio & Gloria Estefan. At the time, it made perfect sense. Just two weeks in to the run, we had a hit musical that audiences adored and was generating positive press, in two languages. The set was built, costumes were hanging neatly, actors and musicians were not ready to say goodbye to this amazing story of perseverance and the American dream. But things change.

This pandemic has been harder than we ever imagined. For the past three months Aurora and theatres across the country have been fighting for survival. We have taken stock of what is most important. It is our people: our patrons, our artists, our board and our staff. Your well-being needs to be our top priority. Performing a large-scale musical with 25+ artists singing and playing instruments is not the safe way for our great organization to return from Covid-19. It is for this reason we have decided against resuming performances of On Your Feet!

We have been busy during this hiatus. We hope that you have been able to enjoy some of our digital offerings, produced to engage safely with our patrons. We will continue to expand and explore more exciting ways to entertain, to educate, and to bring theatrical experiences to the screen. We are working on partnerships that will allow us to gather outdoors and we eagerly anticipate announcing some of these opportunities very soon. Lastly, we are putting in place policies and protocols that will enable us to welcome back artists and audiences alike, to gather together as safely as possible as we build back to normal capacity past the pandemic.

Aurora Theatre has emailed all patrons who have purchased tickets to the cancelled performances for On Your Feet! with detailed instructions and options. Please check your spam or junk mail. If you did not receive the email, our Box Office will work with you personally. Please contact our Box Office via email or leave a voice mail at 678.226.6222. Thank you for your patience as reply times have been affected by high volume.

Thank you for your continued support of Aurora Theatre.

Stay safe, stay healthy.
We miss you dearly.

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