Magic Eastern Ensemble

Magic Eastern Ensemble

The Magic Eastern Ensemble is a musical performance group founded in 2020 and is under the leadership of music instructor Yao Lu.  

Comprised primarily of students from the Magic Eastern Music Studio, the ensemble is committed to performing music on traditional Chinese instruments. The group is excited to explore not only traditional music but new folk compositions. Additionally, they have a passion for fusion with the aesthetics of Western music to provide a diverse audience with a new understanding of traditional Chinese instrumentation by combining with electronic music, jazz and more to create a one-of-a kind sound. Magical Eastern Ensemble has performed at several international, cultural and arts festivals, notably the Gwinnett County Bicentennial Celebration, NAAAP (National Association of Asian American Professionals – Atlanta) and the Atlanta International Night Market.






近年来,乐团也收到了一些来自文化节的演奏邀请。在Gwinnett 200周年庆典,NAAAP亚特兰大活动,亚特兰大国际夜市和一些其他的国际文化艺术节上也进行了表演。