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Burning Plan

Aurora Theatre is partnering with NEXlabs to host their Burning Plan sessions in Gwinnett starting in August. What is Burning Plan? In this program, an entrepreneur or team is given the chance to present their full business plan. Then, they will tell you what they don’t know about what they are trying to do. Come prepared to comment, brainstorm, critique, interrogate and generally think! The panelists and audience are there to brainstorm and help the entrepreneur think through gaps in the plan. Come at 6:00pm to have a drink and meet people. The presentation starts at 6:30pm. For more information on the program, go to www.nexlabs.org.

Who is Burning Plan for? Startup founders and team members, consultants and coaches and everyone who is starting a business or in the planning stages. This is a great way to learn from watching others. If you are already established and looking for a way to give back, your insights and experience are key to the local community.

What happens other than the presentation? It’s a great opportunity to meet people in your local business ecosystem. We’ve got an audience of founders, advisors and experts in funding, strategy and content. Come and see! Burning Plan is an open-coat business plan review session hosted monthly. Our intrepid presenter will show you a project, product or company they have been working to launch or grow. We ask them to talk about the financial model, the customer and how it all works. THEN, the conversation turns to what they DON’T KNOW! We ask a small panel and the audience to help brainstorm with us to create a plan to fill those gaps.

Upcoming Events:

Monday, August 17
Monday, September 28
Monday, October 19
Monday, November 16
Monday, December 21

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We are an educational 501c3 that uses a simple set of tools within a unique methodology to create learning environments that are deeply rooted in local community for entrepreneurs at all stages of growth and development.